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Cancer Surgery

Cancer surgery means that an operation is performed to physically remove all or part of the cancer. Your doctor uses cancer surgery for the purpose of  diagnosing, treating or relieving symptoms that the cancer may cause. Cancer surgery may be your only treatment or it may be used in conjunction with other treatments  like radiation therapy and or chemotherapy.

Types of Cancer we treat:

Surgery may be done for the following reasons:

Preventative: Surgery may be done as a preventative measure to remove precancerous conditions that have potential to develop into cancerous conditions.  These preventive measurs would include colonoscopy or esophogastroduodenoscopy (EGD), otherwise called an upper endoscopy.

Diagnosis: All or part of a tumor may be removed so the tumor can be studied under a microscope to determine if the tumor is cancerous (malignant) or noncancerous (benign).

Staging: Surgery helps your doctor determine how advanced your cancer is. This is called staging. It also allows the doctor to evaluate the size of the tumor and if it has advanced into the lymph nodes.

Primary treatment: For many tumors, having surgery is the best chance for curing the cancer  if it is localized and has not spred to other areas of the body. This may be the only treatment that you will need.

Debulking: If it is not possible to remove all of the cancerous tumor, your doctor may recommend that as much of the tumor as possible should be removed. This can help the chemotherapy or radiation be mor effective.

Relieving symptoms: Surgery is sometimes used to improve the quality of life for a patients with cancer rather than treating the cancer itself. It may be done to relieve pain caused by pressure on nerves or other organs or to relieve an obstruction in your intestine caused by the tumor.



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