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The Fox Valley’s Top Abdominal Surgeons

For many, conditions of the abdomen are painful and can disrupt daily life activities.  Abdominal surgery is a surgical procedure used to diagnose or treat conditions affecting organs in the abdomen including the stomach, gall bladder, appendix, small intestine, colon, pancreas, liver and spleen.  These conditions can include tumors, injury, trauma, bleeding,  hernia repair, gallbladder and appendix removal, intestinal disease, surgery to treat heartburn, exploratory surgery to diagnose abdominal conditions  and infections.

Surgical Associates of Neenah’s skilled surgeons understand these conditions and how to treat them.  They offer treatment options so patients can resume their activities pain-free and without disruption.  Our attentive physicians and friendly staff take the time to answer questions, address concerns, and offer support before and after these procedures.

Abdominal Surgery — What to Expect

Abdominal surgery can be open, laparoscopic or robotic.  Our surgeons can determine which type of procedure: open, laparoscopic or robotic, will result in the best outcome for a patient.

Open abdominal surgery means that an incision is made and the surgery is done under direct vision.

Laparoscopic surgery means that surgery is done by inserting tubes through a small incision that allows for a small camera and surgical instruments to be inserted into the abdominal cavity. The surgery is then done through the tubes with the physician viewing on a video monitor.

Robotic surgery is minimally invasive surgery using advanced  instruments.  These advanced instruments allow a surgeon to perform procedures with a greater range of motion and precision.

Whether the procedure is open, laparoscopic or robotic, our surgeons’ skill and expertise have made for easy recoveries for patients undergoing these procedures.

Insurance Taken

We accept most Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance plans

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