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Trauma Surgery Explained

Trauma surgery treats injuries caused by an impact or blunt force. For example, a trauma surgeon may be called to the emergency room to evaluate a patient who is the victim of a car crash.  Other examples can include persons who suffer injuries as the result of snowmobile or boat accidents, falls, work-related accidents, stabbings and gunshot wounds.

Traumatic injuries can affect internal organs, bones, the brain, and the other soft tissues of the body. No area of the body is immune to trauma, but trauma can range from minor (hitting your finger with a hammer) to major (being hit by a car traveling at a high rate of speed or falling off of a building). The trauma surgeon may be part of the surgical team that includes general surgeons (to repair internal abdominal injuries), vascular surgeons (to repair damage to blood vessels), orthopedic surgeons (to repair broken bones), and other surgeons as needed.

There are 124 hospitals in Wisconsin participating in the trauma care classification system.  Only 9% of them are ACS verified Level I or II trauma care facilities.  Our team of general/trauma surgeons at Surgical Associates of Neenah, S.C. lead the trauma team and provide general surgical trauma care for ThedaCare Regional Medical Center – Neenah’ s verified Level II Trauma Center.

The trauma surgeon is often responsible for prioritizing which injuries will be treated first and determining the order of  diagnostic and operative procedures needed.  If surgery by one our surgeons is necessary, our team will follow you through recovery, rehabilitation, and discharge.

Learn more in this Annual Trauma Report for the Level II Trauma Center at Thedacare

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