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Welcome to Surgical Associates of Neenah, S.C.

We strongly believe there are no limits to helping our patients.

We understand the stress—physical, emotional and financial—patients face when undergoing surgery.  Surgical Associates of Neenah, S.C. has provided patient care for over 50 years and its physicians have performed thousands of surgeries and procedures.  Our fluid process of recovery allows you to focus on what’s most important: getting better.

Announcing the Opening of our Newest Clinic in Berlin

Surgical Associates of Neenah is pleased to announce the opening of our clinic on the campus of ThedaCare Medical Center – Berlin.  Drs. Burkett, Bly, Seegmiller and Vande Walle are seeing patients in our Berlin clinic.  The address is 225 Memorial Drive, Suite 2010.  Please note that our clinic is on the first floor of the building.  Our phone number in Berlin is 920-361-5340.

Surgical Associates of Neenah also has clinics in Appleton, Neenah, New London, Shawano and Waupaca, offering patients the convenience and flexibility of being seen closer to home.  For questions about our other clinics and services, please call (920) 725-4527.  We are looking forward to seeing you in our new Berlin clinic.

Welcoming Dr. Rishi Subbarayan to Surgical Associates of Neenah, S.C.

Surgical Associates of Neenah welcomes Dr. Rishi Subbarayan to its practice.  Dr. Subbarayan received his undergraduate degree in Integrated Life Science from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio.  He received his Doctor of Medicine degree from Northeastern Ohio Medical University in Rootstown, Ohio and completed his residency in general surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center – Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.   Dr. Subbarayan completed a Fellowship in Vascular Surgery at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  He is board certified in both general and vascular surgery.  Dr. Subbarayan brings over 8 years of experience in general and vascular surgery to Surgical Associates of Neenah and has published articles on vascular surgery.  He will see patients in our Neenah, Appleton, Berlin and Shawano clinics.  If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Subbarayan, please contact us at (920) 725-4527.

Our Commitment to Care

High school student Emmitt Konieczny was poised for an epic senior year basketball season when disaster struck. On the way to a college scholarship interview, Emmitt and his mom suffered serious injuries in a head-on vehicle collision. Thanks to outstanding care at our center, Emmitt fully recovered and went on to hoops glory. Check out his extraordinary story of triumph.
Read the full story.

Our Surgical Specialties

Decades of experience & skill.

The physicians at Surgical Associates of Neenah, S.C. have diagnosed and treated a variety of conditions over the years. With over 90 years of combined experience among our physicians, our team has the skill, knowledge and experience to diagnose, treat and improve the health of those we serve.

Billing Concerns? We Take Most Forms of Insurance

Meet Our Surgeons

Skill, knowledge, and experience.

Our surgeons lead ThedaCare Regional Medical Center – Neenah’s Level II trauma center and are no strangers to high-stress situations. Their skill, knowledge and experience is well-known which is why patients in the Fox Valley come to Surgical Associates of Neenah, S.C. for their care.

What Our Patients Are Saying
I met with Dr Hong and Paige PA in regard to a hernia. They were attentive to my situation. We discussed options and I was very pleased with their approach. They answered all of my questions and we came up with a plan to repair the hernia.
Jim M
From pre- surgical visit through follow up visits, Dr. Seegmiller and his team have been professional, caring, competent and attentive. Clear explanations, respectful of the human in their care! I am genuinely impressed .
Jayne M.
Dr. Zueg did my surgery. She and all of her associates were great. They were caring and made sure I understood everything about my surgery and recovery. I feel confident that if I have anymore problems I can go to them.
melissa P.
Dr. Jassim, NP Betsy and surgical associates team have all been great! They are very thorough, caring, and willing to take calls or messages whenever needed if questions arise.
Summer N.
I have had issues with my digestive system for many decades… Visited many gastroenterologists, and was always given an “umbrella diagnosis”. I went to visit Dr. Geocaris, upon a recommendation from a friend, and she listened to my issues, ran the necessary tests and found out that I did have an issue. I decided to have the surgery done that she recommended beginning of February. I am recovering quite well, and it seems to have been a success. Any other questions that I do have are answered quite quickly by all of the staff at surgical associates of Neenah. The nursing staff at Thedacare medical hospital were all wonderful also, And I felt well cared for while being in the hospital.
Kristin B.
I recently saw Dr Wasco and Betsy NP and every interaction I’ve ever had with them since 2016 has been nothing but positive. I am having complications from long covid and dysphasia and Dr Wasco read the Froedert medical notes and scheduled a follow up scope. It impresses me how well they work with my PCP and specialists at other healthcare organizations. They always have a positive attitude to have the patients best interest in how they approach the medical treatment they provide.
Becca M.
Surgical associates of Neenah has the most talented thoughtful, caring staff in the Fox Valley area. I had two major procedures done one in 2021 the other in 2024 I couldn’t be more happier with the results best best best hospital ever. Dr. Georgian is one of the most talented surgeon I’ve ever met. I absolutely love this place.
Marcia H.
Dr Luedtke did an emergency surgery on my husband. My husband was no where near a normal case. He ended up getting a severe infection and had to have staples taken out, a couple days later his open incision herniated. Means his intestines came thru the abdominal wall.This wasn't the surgeons fault though. Complications do happen and he ended up hospitalized for 20 days.That's s was very painful for my husband but any time Dr Luedtke made sure my husbands pain was at a acceptable level and at least tolerable.After we were sent home we came home with IV antibiotic infusions and dressing changes. They set up a home nurse to come and help us. Dr Luedtke s office made sure to address and calls or issues we had. Besides only being sent home with a small AMT of pain meds for home all was good.We had to call when my hubby got low because he was at a pain of 8 and 9 when they wore off. He was given pain relief for about two weeks and then did hurt pretty bad. He did begin to heal but started doing too much and was getting a stabbing pain at the in vision site.Dr Luedtke did send in some meds for times when the pain got this bad. We're happy with the follow up care and how they helped bring things together for him to heal properly. So all in all it's going good considering the unexpected complications.
s c
Set up Timely diagnostic appoints to find out the reason for my Gerd, stomach esphaugos and throat problems. Those are not finished yet and will be reviewed on the 20th of Feb. Everyon e at the clinic was very good at their job. thanks you hopefully we will find a solution for the discomfort. Thank you
Gail F.
Dr Luedtke and the team are awesome and did 2 extensive abdominal surgeries on my husband within a week, due to some complications.He was sent home on December 23rd after being hospitalized for 20 days. In the hospital the pain was controlled for the most part.But when we got sent home and it's Christmas and nothing is open. The order said he couldn't take more than 6 a day and I called the Dr on call Christmas Eve and said this isnt working. Hes in really bad pain!!!Said he could take an extra one but this is barbaric to suffer like this.He is suffering really bad here!! We absolutely cannot have Christmas or our grandkids over with him in such horrible pain like this!!!I called the on call number again today because my husband is worse today and hurting. It's Christmas Day so I'm not sure what's gonna happen. He'll be out of pain meds by the end of today. And I'm supposed to change his big belly incision dressing. It's open about 6" x 3.5" and has daily dressing changes. Which are really painful without adequate pain meds.This really sucks watching my husband suffer like this!I'll update this after I get a call back from the doctor.Ok one of the surgeons that had seen my husband at the hospital called back. He listened and spoke with both me and my husband. He's making sure my husband has adequate pain relief and not suffering like this. I'm very happy with how this was handled.My husband normally never even takes Tylenol or anything for pain. So when he is saying his pain is unbearable it's bad. I'm very happy with the surgeons here
s c
Met with Dr. Zeug and her staff recently who were highly recommended by my primary family physician. We discussed my medical problem. Specifically, the risks involved with fixing the problem surgically requiring a general anesthetic given my age, 70+ years old.Dr. Zeug and her staff were outstanding. They were thorough, professional and equally important, friendly, patient and understanding. They addressed all of my questions and concerns. They reviewed all of the pre-op procedures, the actual surgery and post-op implications and requirements. They also provided the nonsurgical option and the risks associated with it. In other words, they gave me all of the information I needed to make my own informed decision.To say I was anxious and apprehensive as I walked into the office for the appointment is an understatement.After the visit I was 100% comfortable without any reservations with my decision to have Dr. Zeug perform the surgery.Thank you for the opportunity to provide my comments.Rick Toneys
Rick T.
Removed a tumor. Moved up surgical dateERAS recovery going well. 36 hours home to home. Over the counter drugs keeping pain away. Very impressive.
Larry P.
Dr. Wasco, Nurse Betsy Winnekins, and the rest of the team were/are terrific! I had a great sleeve gastrectomy from which I am healing well and quickly and I am getting fantastic ongoing support and care for my new bariatric life. Highly recommend this program at ThedaCare!
Robb M.
There an amazing team. Always making sure my health comes first. Very informative, kind and always making sure i was doing well after surgery.
Oasis P.
Dr. Brennan and his staff were so professional and very caring. They really listened to me and determined a course of action that has begun to help. I would highly recommend Surgical Associates!
Sharon A.
I had gastric bypass surgery with Dr. Jassim in April 2023, and can unreservedly recommend him and his entire staff at Surgical Associates (and the ThedaCare Bariatrics program). Since I met Dr. Jassim during pre-op visits, and ever since, he has taken the time to explain everything thoroughly and answer all my questions (I had many!). The proof of his surgical skills is evident in the successful procedures I had under his care. He and his assistant, Ashley, are exceptional communicators who listen carefully and respond thoughtfully and thoroughly. Their care, support, encouragement and medical experience gives me confidence at every visit. I can’t imagine entrusting anyone else with my medical care on this life-changing journey.
Wendy H.
I started my journey with Thedacare and Surgical Associates of Neenah in February 2023. And each personnel member has been unbelievable helpful and pleasant along this journey. I have been to numerous appointments to make it to my surgery day this past Wednesday and our family has nothing but gratitude for everyone. We would like to send a special thank you not only to our surgery team Dr. Wasco and Dr. Jordan but to the entire 6th floor staff that helped us post surgery. Sam, Cat, Lisa, Stephanie, and many others worked so diligently to make this the best procedure I’ve had this far. They were swamped with other emergencies during our time there but never let us feel ignored or less important than the other patients with more severe cases. Thank you so much!!
Jewel N.
The doctor & staff were amazing and they were extremely attentive to my needs. This was my first surgery, and I was nervous. They did everything in their power to keep me calm and informed every step of the way. Even post-op visits, I was given the utmost care and compassion. I appreciate everyone who cared for me that day.
Chandell D.
Had my appendix removed unexpectedly by Dr. Wasco. You was amazing. Extremely nice and caring. I could tell I wasn't just another emergency add on. I was a patient. Him and his team were very caring. Sent messages just to see how I was doing and if I had any concerns. When in the office, the staff was all very friendly. I didn't have to wait hardly at all through out my entire appointment. They we very attentive and I didn't feel rushed at all. I would definitely recommend Surgical Associates!!
Brea M.
Dr Jassim is absolutely wonderful! My surgery made me a little anxious, but his knowledge set me at ease. My recovery has been manageable due to the tremendous support and education I received from his team. I highly recommend Surgical Associates to anyone facing surgery.
Tori B.
I had been dreading my 6 month follow-up. I had expected criticism and going over all the rules I wasn’t following. It was not like this at all. There were some re-caps but no condemnation. The best part was talking to another patient who was at 18 months post Bariatric surgery that had gone through many of the things I’m going through now. She’s doing so much better but it took awhile to get there. That was super encouraging!
Sue S.
I went into the ER and needed emergency surgery. I got Dr. David Schultz by chance, and I am so very grateful for him and his nurses. They are professional, knowledgeable, explain everything, and most importantly, they are the most compassionate people I've found in the medical system in decades! They really care, and have called me several times to check on me. It surprises me every time, because it's so rare these days. They are truly a breath of fresh air in the current system. The nurses are amazing human beings as well! Brooke, Jenn, and several others that I can't remember their names, but will always remember their kindness. We are still working out some post surgery issues, but I feel so thankful to have this stellar team on my side. Thank you ❤️
Nicole M.
I had robotic hernia repair surgery done by Dr. Hong. The procedure went very well. My wife was kept up to date as it progressed and through recovery. I felt very well cared for, by all the staff members, and surgical team . Dr. Hong addressed any concerns and answered my questions before and after surgery. I highly recommend Dr.Hong
Al J.
Surgeons and their accompanying staff involved in my spinal fusion were the absolute greatest! I was very well informed of everything that was going to happen with the procedure. My wife was contacted multiple times as the surgery proceeded. Follow-up by each of the medical staff was excellent!! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Surgical Associated of Neenah.
Mathew H.
I had a procedure done on 12/27/22. I had a great experience. All of my nurses and surgical team were great? My nurse explained everything to me in great detail. I made a request for an all female team and my request was fulfilled without questions. I was reassure on any concern I had. I have never had a bad experience with any staff at Theda Care in Neenah. I really appreciate everything was that was done for me.
Paulina B.
Dr. Jassim is amazing. He took the time to answer all my questions to make sure I was comfortable and prepared for my surgery. I was extremely nervous as this was my first surgery and I didn’t know what to expect. He was warm and caring and I just felt more and more relaxed after our conversation.He ended our visit with a lingering hand shake/hand hold and ensured me everything would be ok. This simple gesture was so kind and genuine. Dr. Jassim’s calming bedside manner is unmatched. Patients would benefit if all medical professionals were to show this type of compassion and patience. I would recommend Dr. Jassim to my family and closest friends.
Angela S.
I recently had gastric bypass surgery. Dr. Ray Georgen and the whole bariatric team, was by far the best a person could ask for. From the first consultation to now being two weeks post surgery was nothing short of fantastic. The information, care, compassion, and support was outstanding. I was very nervous about having the procedure done, but that quickly faded once I met with them. I now have a new healthier lease on life, thanks to Thedacare, and the bariatric team.Ken Diamond
Ken D.
Back in May 2022 I got RNY with Dr Georgen. It's a process and you work with both Thedacare Bariatrics and Surgical Associates of Neenah. The process varies on your insurance requirements but honestly, both teams set you up for long-term success and I couldn't be more thrilled with the level of care I've received pre and post-op with Dr. George, Dr. Wasco, Betsy Winnekens, APNP and Ashley Faulks, APNP.Any questions I have they're able to help me right away and they genuinely care about each and every one of their patients success throughout their journey. It's actually really nice knowing that this team is going to be a part of my healthcare team for basically the rest of my life.
Alexandria L.
Your care has been very good. I do not feel sharing my information with FB or Google is something I want to do. Please find another way to survey your patients.
Tammy B.
Dr. Brennan was fantastic. From the initial appointment, thru surgery and follow up visits, he was the Best. I traveled from Green Bay to see him and would do so again in a heartbeat. His staff and surgical team were all great also. Highly recommend.
Jim K.
All staff is very approachable and easy to talk to. They follow up efficiently and with the Epic Chart downloadable App, everything is there for review.Highly recommended. Corey R.
Duck H.
Been there 3 times and each time was a great experience. Dr. Jassim is AWESOME and Ashley is wonderful. She even tolerated my husbands quirky sense of humor. They definitely care about their patients. Highly recommend.
Dr. Franck has been very professional and reached out to see how I am doing. You don’t see that level of care a lot anymore.
Mark B.
Thankful for Dr. Burkett in ordering Ultrasound that was vital in diagnosis and steps for remedy.
Jason S
Beginning with the initial diagnosis, through surgery and follow up visit, my procedure was handled very professionally and timely. No surprises and recovery as expected.
John H.
I was scheduled for a left inguinal hernia surgery on feb 14th @ Shawano Thedacare medical center. Turns out I had to have both left and right sides done. all Nurses, Anesthesiologist, Doctor were very informative, caringPolite, and professional. I would recommend them.
Mark S.
I had surgery a week ago with Dr. Wasco. Everything went great. All of my appointments prior to surgery, my stay in the hospital, and follow-up care has been top notch. The staff and care team are also top notch. I don't have one negative thing to say.
Chris A.
Dr Edison and his whole team were professional, kind and exhibited a caring attitude. I don't have any answers yet, but I'm sure Dr Edison will get to the bottom of my problem.
Dixie H.
Dr. Bly was a great surgeon. He takes the time to make you feel very comfortable. Answers all the questions I had and I never felt rushed. He has a great bedside manner. All the nurses and hospital staff were exceptional helpful and very caring!
Mary D.
My appointment with Dr. Edison on April 29 at the Neenah location went very well. All those I interacted with were friendly and helpful. Dr. Edison did a great job of explaining what we would be doing to help with my issue.
Diane K.
The whole clinic is great. They have answered all of my questions. I have no complaints. I highly recommend them.
Dan R.
Everyone at Surgical Associates of Neenah treated me with such kindness, empathy, and amazing expertise. I feel very safe in their care and am grateful that we have such a talented group of caregivers in our locale.
Patti L.
Everyone at Surgical Associates of Neenah treated me with such kindness, empathy, and amazing expertise. I feel very safe in their care and am grateful that we have such a talented group of caregivers in our locale.
Patti L.
They care about you and help you reach your goals Take time to make sure you can succeed in weight loss
I ended up in the hospital with what turned out to be emergency gallbladder surgery. Dr. Geocaris was key in helping diagnose this, and also in removing it. My experience with the entire team at Surgical Associates of Neenah was top notch from pre-surgery to after care follow ups.
Cindy B.
The best Surgeons and the most knowledgeable staff in the entire State and maybe the entire Nation!My Surgeon, Dr. Wasco and his caring professional Team have been wonderful to me and for me.I can't wait to become their "Poster-Child" even though I am considered an "old and fragile" person. They have been great as to answering my questions and taking the best possible care of me. I am forever grateful. 💕
Farzaneh B.
The best Surgeons and the most knowledgeable staff in the entire State and maybe the entire Nation! My Surgeon, Dr. Wasco and his caring professional Team have been wonderful to me and for me. I can't wait to become their "Poster-Child" even though I am considered an "old and fragile" person. They have been great as to answering my questions and taking the best possible care of me. I am forever grateful. 💕
Farzaneh B.
Dr Burkett and his staff were all kind and took the necessary time to thoroughly explain my procedure and answer all questions. I couldn't not have been pleased with my surgical results!
julie P.
Dr. Wasco bent over backwards to get me in quickly for a procedure that I was dealing with for 5 months! His whole team is amazing, work well together, and Dr. Wasco is an amazing doctor who obviously cares about the health of his patients.
Lois D.
Excellent attention to detail while showing sincere interest in my well fare.
Jim F.
Dr. Brennan was and is fantastic!!! So is his NP who helped us with follow up Post Op appointments. Both were thorough, patient and kind. Dr. Brennan ‘got it’ in terms of performing surgery on my son who has both Down syndrome and Autism. Honestly, my only suggestions for improvement would be accessing the office and waiting with a kid like my son. It was a LONG walk from the parking lot for anyone but especially someone who recently had surgery (suite was under construction). The bathroom was outside the office suite which presented challenges with my son who wanted to wander and explore (and we needed to limit his mobility).I would highly recommend Dr. Brennan and would not hesitate to refer him and his team to a friend.
Jennifer B.
Dr. Bly and his care team are excellent! They were wonderful to work with, prioritized my care and well being. Within two meetings I felt like I'd been seeing Dr. Bly for years. You don't get that kind of familiarity and concern for someone without meeting a doctor who truly cares for his patients.
Bethany R.
After running some test, Dr. Geocaris acted quickly to resolve my situation. With her confidence and positive attitude, she put me at ease knowing that I was in good hands.
Patrick M.
A very professional and personal visits. DR Burkett is down to earth and easy to talk to!!
Keith M M.
Dr. Edison and his nurse practitioner were kind and thorough. They both gave me the time I needed to answer all my questions.
Jessica T.
The best Surgeons and the most knowledgeable staff in the entire State and maybe the entire Nation! My Surgeon, Dr. Wasco and his caring professional Team have been wonderful to me and for me. I can't wait to become their "Poster-Child" even though I am considered an "old and fragile" person. They have been great as to answering my questions and taking the best possible care of me. I am forever grateful. 💕
Faye B.
Great experience. They answered all my questions, and reassured me about my surgery.
Donna M.
Went here for a colonoscopy. The entire staff was friendly, professional, and efficient. Dr. Geocaris was phenomenal. She articulated everything that was going to happen very well and she had a wonderfully gentle and compassionate bedside manner. I’d recommend Surgical Associates of Neenah as well as Dr Geocaris to anyone.
Paul S.

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